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Serenity Homes are Adelaide custom home builders. We bring your dream home to life. We are a boutique builder. This means we build a small number of masterpieces every year. Our focus is on making your home remarkable. 

If you are looking for cheap, mass-produced housing, we are not it. If you are looking for perfectionists seeking to build an exquisite life-long dream, then we can help you.

Every home to us is different. Our quest is to take your ideas and hopes and build you an incredible custom home

Our focus on quality is first class. As a result, we are highly awarded. More importantly, we are rewarded by the smile on your face, on the magic day that a Serenity Home, becomes your home.

Our background

We are a family business, owned by Gary Barnes and Jennifer Barnes. We are owner-operated and driven by a strong determination to be simply amazing. We have long serving loyal staff, and carefully select our tradies based on their desire to be craftsmen. Gary will work on your project to completion, and takes personal pride in bringing your dream to life.

Historically, we began our business building custom homes on sloping site blocks in the Adelaide foothills. After years of careful attention, we are now experts in creating charming homes on your block, no matter the size.

How we build your dream home

As a custom home builder, there is more attention to detail required than an "off-the-plan" builder. We begin with a consultation where together, we assess your wants, needs and desires, and get a feel for the project.

There are many steps to building a custom home. It's a journey that takes time, so it is important that you feel comfortable with us. It's important to us that we are the right fit for you, and are able to build your luxury custom home.

Are you looking for an energy efficient custom home?

We are experts at building energy efficient homes. It's not a speciality we originally set out to achieve, but it naturally happened over time. With intense attention to detail comes care for the environment, as well as a strong determination to create sustainable and economical building perfection.

We have won HIA Greensmart environmental/sustainability awards. Feel welcome to browse our Chakra and Soraya homes. Our multiple award winning, energy efficient, luxury homes.

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How our awards help you

Sure we have won lots of awards, but for us, award winning is a secondary consideration. Our processes are thorough and careful. When building your luxury home, we seek to innovate, working with quality people and selecting high-class fixtures to produce a masterpiece. It is a benchmark expectation for us that every home is award worthy.

With award wins comes increased brand value. This translates to increased value in your Serenity custom home build. As our reputation grows and more awards are won, so does the value of your home.

We invite you to discover the award winners yourself.

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We are experts in sloping site custom built homes

At Serenity Homes, we specialise in building non-standard and sloping site designs. It can be difficult to build on a sloping site; we love the challenge, though. Sloping sites allow us to innovate with special spaces. Sloping site blocks create unusual areas. The Serenity Homes approach is to take the unusual spaces and turn them into astonishing features of your home. 

Discover our Burnside custom home, winner of the HIA Best Use of Sloping Site Award, 2014.


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Answers to the 20 most asked questions about custom home building

We are here to help you every step of the way.
We appreciate that custom home building is exciting but also challenging, particularly at the start of the process.
To help you, we have compiled a helpful eBook that answers the 20 most asked questions we have discovered with our 30 years of custom home building experience. 

Please feel welcome to download it.

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