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Architect or Builder, Where Do You Start Your Custom Home Build?

Posted on March 9, 2019. Featuring topics like Custom Home Building, Architects, Planning

Architectorbuilder.jpgWhen designing your custom-built dream home, who should you reach out to first? An architect or a builder?

Why you should start with a builder

To help answer this question, we draw on years of custom home building experience. In nearly all cases, it is best to have the preliminary conversation with a builder before you speak to an architect.


We help you pick the right architect

We work hand-in-hand with our architects and designers in creating our award-winning homes. All architects have different strengths and skills. Over the years, we have come to know the right people for the right job. With this experience in mind, a great benefit of meeting with us first is we can help you find the right architect for your dream home. 

Building to your budget

While an architect can design you a beautiful home, it still has to be built, and often to a specific budget. This is the hard bit: keeping the project to budget. By meeting with the Serenity Homes team  first, we can help you appreciate the cost challenges of building your dream home. This will make you better prepared for your architect selection and the creation of your building brief.

Education about the site challenges

Building a remarkable custom home is all about making the most of your site and what it has to offer. Gary and our team will visit your site, meet with you, and help you appreciate the features of your block. 

An award-winning luxury home requires the perfect harmony between site and construction.

We work hard to understand your site nuances, from a building perspective. Armed with this knowledge it will make it easier for you to create a brief for your architect.

Helping you create a clearer brief

All architects will want a brief. A brief is your wish list and desires. From there, the architect will use their talents to draft a home that meets your desires. By speaking to us first, you will get a better brief organised, saving time and money. 

The better your brief, the better the guidance the architect has to nail your vision. By meeting with a builder first, you can gain knowledge and insight to make your brief exhaustive.

Building a quality home is a complicated process, but we help you form a correct representation of how you want your custom home to look. 

If your building brief is unclear, then you will be more likely to change your ideas many times, all costing money.


Are you wondering where to start? Why not book a time for a free consultation with Gary Barnes. Gary is happy to have a chat with you to help you with the future direction you should consider.

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