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The Essentials When Building in a Bushfire Zone

Posted on March 9, 2019. Featuring topics like Land, Advice, Weather, Hebel, Steel, Custom Home Building, Adelaide


The search is over, you have found the block of your dreams. It’s in a beautiful, idyllic location and you have mapped out your luxury dream home in your mind.

Blocks within the Adelaide Hills or foothills provide space and beautiful surroundings. However, this can be accompanied by an added risk of bushfires. As specialised custom home builders in South Australia, Serenity Homes can offer valuable assistance when looking to build in bushfire risk areas. We can provide you with ways that your home meets the extra design, specification and construction expectations.

Background Information

There are six bushfire attack levels that are used to determine the appropriate construction of a home build.  The AS 3959 Construction of Building in Bushfire Prone Areas Standard has 6 levels of risk of bushfire attack. These levels are referred to as Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). To determine what level your site may fall under you can contact the CFS (Country Fire Service). However it can also be carried out by qualified professionals, such as building surveyors, and engineers.

Design and Positioning

Before the construction of your custom dream home, our expert team of  builders consider the specific bushfire safety requirements. This includes positioning your home away from combustible vegetation and providing easy road access for vehicles in the event of an emergency.


Your choice of building materials when building in bushfire-prone areas is extremely important. It can dramatically affect how your house performs in a bushfire event. At Serenity Homes, we use only the highest quality products suitable for bushfire construction.

Steel Frame

Bushfire protection starts by creating a custom home with a strong base. A steel frame gives structural integrity to a home, no matter what the external conditions.  It is also a vital component for homes which fall within the bushfire risk zones. Your roof, wall and floor frames are all part of a system which is designed to resist ignition and not provide fuel to the fire.


Concrete Slab

By building on a reinforced concrete slab, you can help avoid floor ignition and a fire getting under the building.  At Serenity Homes, we use the best in the business for each step of the building process; from the best tradespeople to the best suppliers. A skilled engineer monitors the pouring of your concrete slab. This means you can be rest assured that your home is built to the highest standard of construction and fire protection. Construction in bushfire-prone areas often involves sloping sites in the hills and specific consideration is also given to suspended flooring systems.

Windows and Doors

In building a home, many people do not consider the different choices in window material.  This can be a vital aspect in providing extra safety for your home. It also provides innovative advantages in temperature and noise control. Our team of Adelaide building experts can advise you on what window options are available to you; aluminium, uPVC and timber framed windows may be an option dependent upon your situation.

Serenity Homes can also discuss with you your options for fire rated doors.

Hebel Walling

Hebel is renowned for its fire resistant properties. That’s why it is one of our preferred building materials at Serenity Homes, especially when building in fire risk areas. A non-combustible material, Hebel's block and panel systems exceed the requirements for all BAL categories. This adds yet another level of protection for your custom dream home in the event of a fire.


Your roof is important to the look and feel of your home but it is vital that the appropriate construction method specific to your bushfire zone is adhered to. Your roof and eaves form an integral line of defence against bushfire attack. At Serenity Homes, we love using Colorbond Steel. It improves your home's resistance to bushfire attack from burning embers, radiant heat and flame. It is also important to consider gutter guards which reduce the amount of debris which could act as fuel in the event of a fire.

Water Tanks

An important thing to consider is access to water on the site which is specifically designated for the event of the fire. This amount of water depends on the BAL level which your home falls within. We have a range of rainwater tanks and rainwater harvesting systems that can help you meet government requirements.

The threat of a fire is something that can't be ignored. Our team of expert custom home builders at Serenity Homes have the knowledge and experience you need to ensure that your luxury dream home exceeds fire safety requirements. This means your home has the best chance of protection in the event of a fire.

To speak to our expert team contact us here.


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Here are some of the factors to consider when you are looking at building your new home in bushfire risk areas.  We recommend some of the best materials to help keep your home safe in the event of a fire.


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