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The Latest and Greatest Mobile Technologies for Eco Home Designs

Posted on March 9, 2019. Featuring topics like Handy Information, Energy efficiency, eco-friendly, Luxury living, Design, Customize, innovation, Technology, Advice

We are all a part of the ever-changing landscape that is technology. Technology is everywhere, in every industry, making our lives easier with every upgrade.

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have never been so prominent around the globe, with an influx of applications being readily made available to suit your needs. In the building world, it is no different.

Our team of Adelaide building specialists are constantly exploring and implementing the new innovations and technologies available for our customers new homes.

Newer technology is aiding everyone involved in the building process, whether it be the designers, architects and engineers, builders and tradesman or in the fitting out of your new luxury Adelaide home.

Our team of Adelaide eco home builders have put together some of the new technologies that are being used in homes.

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Comfort Control

Being in the comfort of your own home is a delight. There are many products nowadays that can control the temperature of your tap water, climate control and the water temperature in your pool or spa.

These products allow you to set the temperatures to your satisfaction, even when you’re not at home, which helps manage your electricity consumption.

Check out some tips and ideas on how to make your home more Eco-Friendly



Accidentally leaving lights on in your home can be costly, which is where mobile technology steps in to help. Lighting from all around your home can be switched on and off, dimmed to your satisfaction or timed by your mobile device.  



Your home is your pride and joy and you want to make sure that your home, contents and family are secure.

Technology is out there that can alert you whilst you’re away from your home of movement, allowing you to make an action. You can trigger the alarm, contact a relevant person or cancel the alert, all from the palm of your hand.


Home Cinema

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more requests for home theatres to be added into their custom home design. A home cinema can contain numerous, separate appliances that work together to give you the full experience.

Technology has been made available that actually pulls it all together and enables you to control everything in the room. From display options to dimming the lights, running your own home cinema has never been easier from your tablet or mobile device.


AirPlay Music

Technology such as AirPlay is revolutionising the way you can set up your home’s interior and exterior sound system.

AirPlay basically works by the transfer of sound from your mobile device to wireless speakers through your Wi-Fi connection at home. You can set the speakers up anywhere in and around your home, within reach of your Wi-Fi modem.


As Adelaide luxury home builders, the team at Serenity Homes are continually striving to discover and use products and materials which will benefit our customers in their dream homes. For more information on how mobile technology can be implemented into your Adelaide custom home design, contact the team at Serenity Homes today.


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