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Serenity Homes tips for green energy

Discover Our Top 7 Expert Tips for Green Efficiency

 Whether you are conscious of your impact on the environment, or just fed up with the ever-rising costs of energy consumption, there are many reasons why you should build an eco-friendly home.

However, building or renovating your home to incorporate green energy solutions can be easier said than done. Decisions about materials, technology, costs and implementation can take up a lot of time and energy, especially if you don't know what to look for. 

With so many building solutions and green energy options available on the market, it is easy to get lost.

Read on to discover 7 tips for efficient and effective green energy.
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Serenity Homes Council Approval

Discover the Secret to Streamlined Council Approval

 The first step before starting to build your home is getting your council’s approval. 

For many, this can be a daunting process. How long will it take? How much will it cost? What happens if my plans get rejected? The questions can seem to go on and on, making the process far more stressful than it needs to be.  

However, with each council having their own particular set of building requirements and approval processes, it's true that getting the go-ahead on your custom home can take a very long time. 

Our team of Adelaide building experts at Serenity Homes have participated in more builds than they can count, and as such have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local councils. 

Read on to discover how to streamline your council approval.
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Serenity Homes One Sink or Two

One Sink or Two… Which is best for you?

 Getting up in the morning to get ready for work can be an unpleasant process, especially when you have to fight with your family or partner to access some space in the bathroom. As such, it's important to think about what kind of layout you want for your bathroom during the design process.

The truth is that we all want personal space, and want to be able to access it whenever we please.

Many people think that the solution to their problems would be having more than one sink, however, this just isn't the case. Each home has individual needs, and each building solution has its own particular advantages. 

Read on to discover the advantages of having a single or double sink, and find out which one best suits your needs.
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Serenity Homes Golden Grove

Gather inspiration from this week's showcase home

 This week’s showcase home is one of our favorites here in Adelaide.

This stunning home is built on a sloping site, which allowed our team of Adelaide sloping site specialists to put their expert skills to work. Because of the significant slope of the block, we were able to take full advantage of the amazing view over Adelaide.

This unique block also allowed us to create a visually stunning backyard, implementing the wonderful, tiered features of a swimming pool and full sized tennis court. 

Read on to learn about this build and how we can help you to create the home of your dreams on a sloping or non-standard site.
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At Serenity Homes, we are one of Adelaide's most awarded custom home builders. We build your dream home with careful attention to detail, individual, masterful designs and state of the art materials. To learn more about how our team of friendly Adelaide building experts can help you to create your ideal custom home, speak to us today.

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