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Building for Green Energy: Top 7 Expert Tips

Posted on March 9, 2019. Featuring topics like Handy Information, Energy efficiency, eco-friendly, Inspiration, Customize, innovation, Advice

A lot of options are now available to assist you in building an eco-friendly home. Using green energy solutions are highly beneficial, as they will have a reduced impact on the environment and help you to save money on energy consumption. 

Green Energy really comes down to the design at the beginning. 



Energy efficiency should be worked into your home from the very beginning of the design process. Every aspect of the design should be taken into account, starting from the position of your home. A home that is poorly designed, even with green energy features attached, will never be fully energy efficient. This is why you absolutely need to spend time thinking about and designing your home in an eco-friendly way from the very beginning.


Top 7 Expert Tips For an Energy Efficient Home


1. Get the benefits of your environment

Maximising the benefits of light and wind exposure will protect you from high running costs in heating and cooling.


2. Design smart

Having your rooms strategically orientated, or having different sizes of windows in the right places are the key to getting an energy efficient home. Also keep in mind that the bigger your house will be, the bigger the cost in energy consumption.


3. Install solar panels

Use the clean and renewable energy from the sun by installing solar panels on your roof. They are quite expensive but rest assured that the long-term benefits you will get from them will recover the initial cost.


4. Invest in energy-efficient windows

Installing PVC and double-glazed windows will help you to retain your heat during winter.



5. Insulate

Good insulation is one of the most important things to do to avoid heat loss, so make sure your inside/outside walls and roofs are very well-insulated.


6. Use sustainable building materials

Build your house with eco-materials that will respect the environment by minimising pollution and energy consumption.


7. Recycle your water

Installing rainwater tanks is a great way to save water and money over the long term. This water can then be used for toilets or sprinkler systems; additionally you can install a grey water recycling system to reprocess your water.



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