Building Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficiency is worked into your home from the very beginning of the design process.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

We take the time to analyse your block, drawing on our experience as Adelaide building specialists to decide on how to best position and construct your home for optimal energy efficiency.

It really comes down to the design at the beginning. We give you excellent access to energy efficient solutions, so you may have a cross flow ventilation orientation of your rooms for energy efficiency, strategically placed windows and much more. This is the key to getting an energy efficient home.

Environmentally Aware Construction

We spend a great deal of time ensuring that the house is constructed in the most environmentally friendly manner possible and offer multiple green energy options.

We like to stay ahead of the game in this area. For example, we were the first people in South Australia to have a hydronic in-wall heating system and we built one of the first homes in South Australia to have a gas reverse cycle air conditioner.

We also recycle most of our building materials, such as leftover steel and framing materials and we recycle a high percentage of waste material.

Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly Products And Materials

We offer a number of energy efficient, eco-friendly products and materials, including:

  • Double glazed windows, PVC windows
  • Hebel panelling
  • Solar panels
  • Grey water recycling systems
  • Rainwater tanks

Glazed Windows

Our clients usually ask questions about triple and double glazed windows. Generally, we don't do triple glazing in Adelaide. However, we certainly do double glazed windows, which will save you money by making your home far more energy efficient. Double glazing will not only help with the heat, it will also help with noise control.

Double glazed windows stop noise from being transferred from outside, making your home very peaceful and comfortable. You will really notice the difference living in a home with double glazing in comparison to standard glazing.

Solar Energy Solutions

We install solar panels in many of the homes we construct. We are on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly solutions, and offer all forms of solar, whether it be solar hot water or back to grid solar.

At Serenity Homes, we are one of Adelaide's most awarded custom home builders. We build your dream home with careful attention to detail, individual, masterful designs and state of the art materials. To learn more about how our team of friendly Adelaide building experts can help you to create your ideal custom home, speak to us today.

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