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We strive to meet your needs.

As Adelaide custom home builders and designers, we are happy to apply our wide range of skills towards extensions or renovations to your home. We will do everything we can to help you to transform your home, turning your dream into a reality.

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We strive to meet your needs and wishes no matter what, spending as much time as necessary with you on the designing process to ensure that we achieve the look you want - and that it fits well with the rest of the house.

We can offer you access to a substantial range of products and materials, as well as interior design, landscaping and other finishing services, so after the renovation is finished you are 100% happy with.

Interior Design

We work with an interior designer, however, you are very welcome to hire your own. We strongly recommend through the design process that you have an interior designer there to guide you. You are designing your house via a 2D floor plan; they will understand what you want and help you to get it.

The interior designer can also guide you in choosing the right fixtures and fittings to ensure your home extensions blend seamlessly with the rest of your house.


When it comes to landscaping, the majority of our clients complete that task themselves. However, we are more than happy to complete that task for you.

Pool Construction

Due to our hot South Australian climate, swimming pools are very popular additions to home renovations in Adelaide. We at Serenity Homes can construct pools, and depending on how you desire your pool design to be, may use a professional pool company to install it for you.

Sound Proofing

We offer special materials and products to help reduce sound infiltrating throughout your home. If your house is placed on a main road, we can double glaze your windows to reduce the sound of traffic. There are also materials which we use for the house as a barrier for sound, such as Hebel panelling and insulating the internal walls.

Home Theatres

We can create a home theatre or one with a projector screen and full surround sound as one of your home extensions. If the noise is a concern for having a home theatre, fear not, as we can make that particular room sound proof.

We have many home theatre styles to suit your housing budget.


We offer many technological features for your home, such as:

  • Computer networking: a hardwire connection which gives a higher speed internet connection compared to wireless connections. We can also install wireless repeaters throughout the house, allowing users to walk between rooms with no loss of connection.
  • Security system: with an internet connected system, you can receive alerts on your phone if the alarm is triggered. With CCTV, you can easily check the camera via a computer, and discover what was the cause.
  • HVAC and automation: with this feature, you are able to control the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning via smartphone no matter where you are.
During the process of building, we will wire your home for the 21st century. Having us do this during the building process is much easier, and generally cheaper, compared to retrofitting a home that has already been built.

High Quality Suppliers

We have a range of high quality suppliers who you can visit when you are ready to pick out fixtures and appliances for your home. A skilled interior designer that works with us can accompany you to guide you through the decision making process.

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