How We Are Different

At Serenity Homes, we're not your average builder.

Custom Solutions

At Serenity Homes, we specialise in delivering completely customised solutions to our clients. We don't believe in pre-designed homes out of a catalogue, we believe in giving life to your own particular vision - whatever that may be.

Unlike other builders, at Serenity Homes we involve you heavily all throughout the design and construction process. Your ongoing participation in the design of your dream home ensures that you get a home that you are 100% happy with, instead of one that leaves you wanting more.

If you are ever unhappy with anything or want a change to be made to the design, we will redesign the home to fit your new wishes. We will redesign or alter the plans as often as it takes to get it to the point where you are completely satisfied and we will not settle for anything less.

Sloping Site And Non-Standard Block Experts

At Serenity Homes, we are Adelaide sloping site and non-standard block specialists. Where other builders may struggle to rise to the unique challenges these blocks have to offer, the team at Serenity Homes will excel.

Instead of fighting against the sloping site, or against any other non-standard aspect of your block, we will utilise it to enhance the beauty of your home.

If your block has a strong gradient, we can position your home on the block to capture the breathtaking view on offer, or create tiered features such as a pool or full sized tennis court.

To learn more about our sloping and non-standard sites, click here.

Environmental Focus

Environmentally ethical practices are a big part of Serenity Homes, and we try and use eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

Our team of Adelaide eco-home builders keep us on the forefront of energy efficient, utilising state of the art eco-friendly materials and practices that help to reduce your energy consumption. By building with Serenity Homes, you will have access to environmentally sustainable products such as:

Click here to learn more about our energy efficient materials.

  • Hebel panelling
  • Solar panels
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Double glazed windows
We are also conscious of the environment when we construct the homes as well, recycling steel and framing, as well as recycling a high percentage of waste material.

A Unique Customer Experience

The main difference between Serenity Homes and other builders is that we provide you with a truly unique customer experience. From the beginning of the design process until we hand over the keys, we work hand-in-hand with you to give life to your vision, turning your dream into a reality.

At Serenity Homes, we are one of Adelaide's most awarded custom home builders. We build your dream home with careful attention to detail, individual, masterful designs and state of the art materials. To learn more about how our team of friendly Adelaide building experts can help you to create your ideal custom home, speak to us today.

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