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The Ingredients of a Timeless Kitchen

The kitchen, for many, is the heart of the home. It brings everyone together, and as such should provide you with a loving, warm atmosphere.

We’re sure that the many people who thought green and orange complemented each other would agree that some kitchen styles don’t age well, over time becoming expensive renovation necessities when looking to sell the house.

You want to choose a kitchen design that will age like a fine wine, but this is easier said than done when faced with such a huge array of choices.

To help you in your journey towards discovering your perfect kitchen, here are our particular favourite designs.

Dark Vs. Light

The rich colours in this kitchen radiate a very warm, cosy atmosphere. The darkness of the materials, while quite bold, only serves to emphasise the crisp, white cupboards and centre island.

The neutral colours also mean that this kind of style will complement even the most wildly coloured surroundings possible, giving you the freedom to evolve and change your tastes whenever you want.

Country Sleek

For those who are aiming for a comfortable, classically homey feel to their kitchen, this style is for you. The cupboards are rustic yet sleek, and the kitchen counter owns subtly brown accents that give an earthy feel to the kitchen.

The rich colour of the timber flooring contrasts wonderfully with the surfaces, picking up the egg shell tones within the cupboards.

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