Blinds vs. Curtains What’s Better for My Home

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August 30, 2019
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Thinking of a bright new change for your home? The answer lies in many folds. Precisely window folds. Which type should you choose is what we leave up to you.  But our dos and don’ts on window curtains and blinds will surely guide you.

Curtains vs Blinds

What’s the main purpose of any type of a window treatment?

It lets you control light, the temperature of your room while keeping its aura design proof. So it is important to understand which between curtains and blinds fits your boat the most. To realise the complete optimal use of the two think of aspects like movable slats, drapes, fabric type, and their panels. Next in line for things to keep in mind are – the technique that is associated, the texture you are aiming for, layering or not to ace maximum comfort for the room.

Curtains or Blinds?

If curtains are your thing, then you can opt for soft linens, whimsical sheers,rich velvets, sometimes even leather can make a great statement window treatment. For a classic finish choose simple, slimline setups which add that forever in vogue appearance. For picking colours bold, dark shades are ideal for bedrooms, while subtle pastels work better for the living room, the study.

Coming to blinds, these have been a modern must-have because of their easy functionality and their multipurpose style quotient. They do tend to solve both problems in one go, but know they are high on maintenance too.  Blinds on most occasions block the light more efficiently in summers and keep the heat in during winters.  Sounds like a win-win. Plus they come in many varieties, from roman, roller, vertical and Venetian!

Combining curtains and blinds to reap their full potential

If you are the kind who like the best of both worlds here are some ideas that will get your ball rolling. It is totally alright to install both. Based on their location and usage, your home can sustain each window treatment. For example, go with curtains in low-moisture areas such as the living room and the bedroom. While in kitchens and bathrooms blinds work great because of the kind of material they are made of, accumulation of moss, and cleaning it is way easier than curtains.

If you’ve got a big spacious room you could even do-up the space with both curtains and blinds for enhanced privacy.

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