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October 12, 2018
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Crack Your Way Into Furnishing Small Spaces

We often worry about the limitations of small spaces while decorating our new home. ‘How will I fit in functional and decorative furniture’, ‘What about cluttering too much’ so on and so forth. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a lot you can achieve with your little abode by avoiding these design mistakes.

Furnishing Small Spaces Ideas

Caged leg room

While furnishing small spaces we tend to make use of smaller items thinking they will take up less leg room. In actuality we end up doing the opposite by setting up the area with too many items thereby making it awkward for anybody to move around. The way to manoeuvre this is by selecting architecture specific furniture pieces. Remember the key is to add only that which fits in with your nooks and corners.

Lighting done right

We all know natural light is always better than artificial lighting. It makes the interiors lit up and appear welcoming. So how does one nail the right lighting setup? Start by picking wall paints and items that are pastels, or light tones. You could also set up large mirrors in angles that capture sunlight and throw it around from lighter surfaces to darker areas. 

Item overload

The obvious choice to think is small artefacts occupy less space and so more the merrier is a possibility. What we fail to recognise here is that clutter grows with every new piece. The concept of less is more always works in decking up areas with smaller carpet space. For example instead of having several puffies and chairs you could think of a sectional seater. This will give you a spaced out look without making the room appear tiny. 

Heavy lifting

If you own a studio apartment then the idea of a big wall clock or a gigantic mirror showpiece is definitely a no-no. Because with large furniture comes the need for extra room so the items can stand out. Visualise a heavy cushioned sofa chair, in an apartment with a living room cum kitchen kind of setting. Not only will this piece eat up too much space, it will also make the room look fuller. Leaving no space for portable shelves, a mid-size table and anything else that would bring more productivity in the room within same amount of space.

Think we are missing out on something here? Share with us your ideas for optimizing little spaces with the right furniture and decor items in the comments below.

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