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May 16, 2019
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Double Glazed Windows...What Are They?

Double glazed, also known as insulated glazing, is when there are two glass window panes that are separated by a spacer and layer of gas or still air.

Installing these will not only help with the heat and cold, it will also help with noise. Double glazed windows will reduce noise transferred from outside, making your home peaceful and comfortable.

At Serenity Homes, we utilise double glazed windows frequently in our builds. Below are some benefits of double glazed windows.

Temperature Control

Double glazing will help in keeping you warmer in the winter months by reducing the amount of cool air that comes in. The layers between the two pieces of glass act like a barrier that keep the cooler temperature from the outside from being transferred into the inside of your home. This this a great benefit in terms of savings, as you will spend less money on heating.

Just like keeping the cool out, double glazing helps reduce the impact of heat entering the house in warmer months. Therefore, your home will be noticeably cooler in summer.


Condensation occurs when cool air hits warm surfaces. The air that separates the two glass panes in double glazed windows is kept at room temperature, therefore reducing condensation and dampness on your windows which can lead to timber damage around the windows. This will result in better preservation of your windows.

Noise Control

Double glazed windows can reduce noise dramatically. However, this is also dependent on the quality of glass you select so be sure to go through the best options if you want a more sound-proof home.

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