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October 11, 2018
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Easy Ways To Warm Up This Winter

If there is anyone who knows a thing of two about keeping warm in the winter months, it’s the Scandinavians. Over the years they have perfected the art of creating warmth within their homes despite freezing temperatures.

Though we have a much warmer climate here in Australia, their wise ways still translate.

Here are our 5 favourite ways they have mastered to battle the colder months.

Capture the Light

Natural light is few and far between in the depths of winter for our Scandinavian friends, so maximising what they do get is vital. Obviously, large floor to ceiling windows are the most ideal way to let lots of natural light in, but ensuring your home is situated on the land in a way to maximise the sunshine throughout the day is equally, if not more, important.

This is more relevant in the home design process rather than construct or finish phase. If you're in a Federation Home, skylights and cleverly placed smaller windows throughout can help increase the natural light through the darker months. If putting a hole in the wall isn’t an option, try mirrors - they are great at reflecting naturally occurring light and making a space look far bigger.

Add Natural Materials

Natural wood and other natural materials can add a lovely warmth to a home, as they act as a natural insulator to retain heat. Try adding lighter coloured woods in your furniture, floorboards or benchtops to create a toasty ambience. To learn more about some eco-friendly materials to put into your home, click here.

Mix up Textures and Colours

Typically the use of earthy colours and textures is used very sparingly in Scandinavian design, making way for all things white and light. However, the use of a faux fur rug near a fireplace, or a deep maroon feature wall can really make your home feel more inviting.

Keeping in mind that plenty of us are renting, or unable to make grand alterations to our abode, using texture and colour is an easy way to warm your space.

Candles for Effect

By adding candles to your home, you can instantly brighten up a room. The warm light they bestow can transform the atmosphere from dark and cold to light and warm in an instant.

Clustering candles together can be a nice way to liven up a window frame or coffee table, as well as infusing a wonderful warming scent to the room.

Bring the Outside, In

Consider investing in some potted greenery to bring into your living space. The green of the plants adds life back into an otherwise dark or cold area and brings an air of life and rejuvenation to your home.

As your outside garden begins to turn from its autumnal shades back to green in the depth of winter, having some foliage inside the windows will help bring the outside in - while maintaining your warmth.

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