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How To Decorate Your House Like An Influencer

If they can live lavishly, so can you! We bring to you style hacks that will instantly spruce up your interiors and make it totally Instagram friendly!

After great ‘following’, hashtagging and note-taking we have listed things that make home interiors look avant-garde without burning a hole in your pocket.

Stylists from across the globe keep us updated with their stellar understanding of the design world. Through posts, we have found some amazing tricks that actually work and aren’t just visual fluffery. 

So without further ado let’s get started!

Natural accessories

If this isn’t the biggest decor trend of the year than nothing else can be! Potted plants, creepers, and green walls are the top ranking ideas under ways to naturally make your home look prettier. Plus they are easy on maintenance! You could choose to incorporate them into your home decor in any way you like. Space is never a problem when opting to place a homegrown potted plant. Their natural aura uplifts the room’s mood and makes the home a  sustainable space to live in.

Island counter

Bringing a turning point in the world of design for kitchens are the Island counters. Be it a small or big kitchen, when space optimisation can make kitchen work a whole lot easier who wouldn’t want a central station. Made for jobs of any type from a separate stove area to buffet-style dining island counters are easily convertible to your liking.

Artsy walls

Imagine a wall full of the world’s best artworks. It’s an instant hit for those who want their home to be extraordinary. For whom art is of the highest order. But cultured economically, since this designated wall is a healthy mix of various art pieces.

Typography and signage

From “fernweh” to “cest la vie* people showcase their personality using words that mean the most to them in their home interiors. These are a great fit on walls that mark a cosy corner, the bar section, or on a wall with a bold colour and minimalist surroundings.

Vintage pieces

Sustainability is a big theme that’s gaining momentum all over the globe. Be it in political agendas or creating environment-friendly art. Upcycled chairs, vintage mirrors and chests are instant eye-catchers for the environment cautious. These have been featured in several blogs on Instagram for helping spaces achieve a unique personality.

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