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October 12, 2018
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October 12, 2018

How To Wire Your Home For The 21st Century?

As Adelaide custom home builders, we know that it is far, far easier and cheaper to have your builder wire your new home while it is being built, than it is to retrofit a home that has already been constructed.

You may not be aware of the features that are possible with your new home, but after getting them you won’t know how you lived without them.

Here are some amazing features from our team of Adelaide custom home designers that will thrust your home into the technological age.

Computer Networking

Hardwired networks are faster and more stable than wireless connections. From sharing media throughout the house to a simple high-speed internet connection, and even placing wireless repeaters throughout the house to allow users to walk between rooms without “plugging in”, the benefits are substantial.

Home Theater Systems

With so many people opting for dedicated home theater rooms these days, it’s surprising how few have the foresight to cable these rooms from day one. With simple planning, you can unify your access to satellite or cable TV signals, install embedded speakers in the ceiling, and ensure your wall-mounted high-definition TVs have easy access to cabling.

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Security System

Your security system can be internet-connected, sending you an alert through the day if an alarm triggers. With CCTV, you could then easily check the camera coverage from a computer at the office, and see if it’s a pet, the gardener or an intruder.

Forgot to set the alarm because you were running late for work? Set it from your mobile phone while you’re on the bus.
Our team of Adelaide luxury home builders highly recommend high tech security systems.

HVAC and Automation

With so many people conscious of their impact on the environment, it’s a logical step to integrate your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning into the network.

With home automation you can control these aspects with smart controls - the customization is only limited by your imagination.
A one-touch button to turn your lights off, check the garage doors are closed, activate the security system and check the locks are set, with the cooling/heating set for the day is a breeze to setup. In winter you could turn the heater on as you start your commute home, so your home is toasty warm to meet you.

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These features are all available now, and will add value to your new property, both immediately, and as a form of future-proofing as technology becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives. Discuss your options with your custom home builder.

At Serenity Homes, we have a trusted installer that can create a tailored system customised to suit your lifestyle.

At Serenity Homes, we are one of Adelaide's most awarded custom home builders. We build your dream home with careful attention to detail, individual, masterful designs and state of the art materials. To learn more about how our team of friendly Adelaide building experts can help you to create your ideal custom home, speak to us today.

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