Interior Decorating Blunders to Avoid for Your Living Room

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July 25, 2019
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Spaces hold the power to enthral our mood or put us in a lousy lull within minutes. With their sheer make one can convert concrete walls into a haven when done right. The perfect symmetry, well-lit corners, warm-vibrant textures all come together to create spaces that offer more to the dweller than merely please the eye.

Interior of Living Room

 In our homes, the living room is the focal point of interest for almost all family activities. And so it is crucial to have it custom home designed in a way that not just optimises the area but also spreads the good vibes essential for a place we call – a home.

 What does an impeccable living room look like? For starters here’s what you must avoid:

 Filling-in with a disproportionate rug

There is a luxury and then there is a poor use of resources. Rugs have been known to elevate the room interiors almost instantaneously with their dual nature of beauty plus purpose. But when chosen as per your room and its architecture! The standard size that works in almost all homes is 8-by-10 ft, best case a 9-by-12 ft. And for smaller homes, a 6-by-9 ft is a safe bet to ensure the rule of rugs for interiors.

Decorating with one-store furniture

Like our own, homes to need a personality. Often a reflection or a match of the owners’. When you tend to effortlessly settle for a one-store kind of look there is a good chance that you are missing the personal touch to the home. Every piece of furniture has its own charm, and collectively they come together to form a story that tells visitors about its members. Thus, is wise to go for different types of furniture with varying textures which helps make people feel comfortable in its company.

 Ouch with the couch

What’s a living room without a spot that is a favourite of everyone’s! Apart from a sofa’s functional offering, it is a great accessory for setting the mood right of a room. Chose one too big or one too small and you are in for discomfort at some point in time. Getting a couch made is easy but getting one made that is all-encompassing can be done with a little extra help of designers. They can tell which type will match perfectly in your living room based on your lifestyle requirements!

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