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May 7, 2019
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Make A Lasting Impression With These
Cool Entrance Tips

You know that moment when you enter a space for the very first time and the vibe just takes you by surprise. Yeah, sometimes it can go completely awry too. You don’t want your home to put people in that spot of disappointment. What we want our guests is to feel welcome and at ease just like how homes are supposed to be. Agree that entrances aren’t places where we’d do all our talking but don’t we want to help our guests traverse into feeling relaxed at the first step.

Keeping exactly that in mind we bring you ways to ace your home entrance smartly. Here’s what you have got to do:

Go Bold

Entrance Door

If you have a narrow entrance with just the amount of space to walk-in and out go for highlighting any one area here. A good way to do this is by colouring your door in a bright bold shade. So that it catches attention for everybody entering your home at the same time is also minimally alluring to the eye. Designer CeCe Barfield has done it in her home and it is considered as one of the top most sought after idea in home decor.

Rug In & Out

Rug mat for beautiful home

Design and art offer multiple ways to add beauty in just about any home accessory. One such choice is the rug mat. These are available in great variety across middle-east, Morocco, and Persia. And they serve great function in all seasons. Not to the forget they score the first ‘aww’ moment from anybody visiting.

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Light Up

chandeliers to improve home apperance

Great first impressions come easy with the right aesthetic. To nail entryways lighting solutions like chandeliers, pendant wall hangings, and dangling lights are a great idea! Designer Phillip Thomas has stated in the past that having a large light ornament can instantly make a room appear taller. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

You may consider hiring luxury builders to give a beautiful look to your home.

Peek-a-boo You

Home Mirrors

Putting up a mirror in your home entrance is a smart way to accessorize the area & keep things functional. Mirrors are simple design pieces that can make your entryway look bigger, and help reflect light in other corners as well. Also, every time you leave or come home taking a quick glance at yourself get easier this way!

Think there’s more to entryway ideas? Go on, share with us that you know to help everybody out of their decor dilemmas.

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