Revamp your Bed’s Headboard with these Super Cool Styles

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August 3, 2019
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Variety is the spice of life, so why not welcome it even in your home decor? As architects, we are forever looking at ways to make your concrete structure into something more special. Let’s get you started in today’s journey of creating a kick-ass new look and feel for your bedroom. Which won’t just take your visitors by surprise but make them want to incorporate it in their homes as well!

Plus these hacks will also help you generate better investment without taking a toll on your savings. Doesn’t that sound like a total win-win? Make it a design date or do it all by yourself, these headboard ideas are sure to uplift dull moods and give you something to look forward to – every day!

Beds Headboard Cool Styles

For the minimalists

If simplicity is what drives you look no further. Get yourself a plyboard in a colour that best matches your room’s mood. Install it on the wall before the bedframe starts. This will give it a floating feel, look contemporary-chic and get your design work sorted in no time!

For the traveller

This is for the one who shops a lot on their travels. And it’s easy to style with using just three items! Start by finding a sturdy rod, a nail and a rug, parka or shawl of your liking. Assemble the three, suspend it on the wall and voila, you’ve made yourself the coolest headboard of the year!

For the royals

Hands-down these have been in the design trends since the victorian era. The tufted headboard is for those looking for a comforting backrest with the appeal of the royals.  For your bedroom, get the cushion cover made in velvet or genuine leather with a foam style that isn’t too soft. Add diamond tufts in the centre to give it the posh appearance. These can be of the same colour as the fabric or something in contrast that gives it a pop-look.

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For the countrymen

Made with a simple weaving technique, this headboard is a piece of art. The Macrame weaving can uplift the entire room’s aura with its earthly appeal. Also, it is quite easy to learn. So if you love the countryside,  make one in ivory white and hang it on the wall without thinking twice!

Love these ideas? Tell us which one will you customize for the bedroom!

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