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May 15, 2019
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May 15, 2019

Travis Boak's Custom Home Kicks Off with the
Pouring of the Slab

The pouring of a home’s slab is a very important day. Marking a time where work really kicks up a notch, this process is one of the first steps in the custom home journey.
For our valued client, and Captain of the Port Adelaide Football Club, Travis Boak, this exciting stage has recently been completed.
Together with Caiazza Constructions, Serenity Homes oversaw the creation of the large-scale slab - one that required a whopping 152 cubic metres of concrete.


Before pouring can take place, a number of things have to be done. Land surveying by qualified and experienced surveyors, levelling of the land, the digging of the trenches, laying of underfloor plumbing, insertion of steel reinforcements and termite protection measures are put into place, all under the watchful eye of our experienced Serenity Homes team.

Engineered Design

For all of Serenity Homes custom home builds, an engineer is heavily involved in the foundation and slab pouring process. Just as was done on Travis Boak’s new home, a skilled engineer will inspect and advise on where and how to place foundations, giving a certificate of approval after a trench inspection.
An additional certificate is given after the engineer inspects the placement of the steel reinforcements, so you know that your home is built to the highest of professional standards.

Pouring the Slab

The pouring process for Travis Boak’s home was a big day for all involved. Starting at 7 am and not finishing until 8pm, the team worked tirelessly to ensure the job was done with the highest attention to detail and quality. Once the concrete was in, the wonderful team from Caiazza Constructions used a trowel machine, or ‘helicopter’, to smooth the slab, additionally utilising a spray cure to help it to set and harden.
Travis was present during the pour, even stopping to do a few signatures for the team - much to their absolute delight!
Now that the slab is in, work will be stepping up a gear, the steel frames for the home set to be delivered shortly.
“It’s an exciting first step to the creation of a beautiful new home.” - Gary Barnes, Managing Director of Serenity Homes.
We are excited to see this beautiful house begin to take form, and can’t wait to present Travis with his finished dream home.
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