Spruce up your living room with this colorful design technique

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August 20, 2019
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Makeovers are the best thing you could gift your home. Especially when you are in dire need of a space that can make you feel warm even in the dead of the night! Yeah colours possess the power to instantly uplift your mood or kill it depending on how it is used.

Living Room with Color Design Technique

This time around we have got you smart colour tips that will completely transform your living room into the kind you see in upbeat romantic movies. Check them out!

Pretty in white

White is the way  to make your home look ka-boom in the nicest way possible. Try out the  Chantilly Lace white for a cool presence with a blue undertone in your living room. The panton also gives a soft appeal which blends well with wooden furniture effortlessly.

Chromatic in green

Believe it or not but greens are good for not just your health but also your walls! Well, at least they make your home appear inviting when done right. Go for pastel or light greens as they will dexterously bounce sun rays off the walls and into your room. Plus give your home an environment-friendly appeal.  You can also hire professional for home renovation located near by you.

Sleek in silver

Go millennial cool with a sleek wall painted in silver. It’s a fancy choice and pairs up really well with a lot of furniture. Not to forget gives your room a modern cum futuristic look and feel.

Dazzle in blue

Make a statement with a rich blue pantone for a space that is small and is looking for a quirky mood boost. Sure lighter pantones are great but there are some dark heroes that work the charm despite being heavy in colour.

Warm in beige

Tranquility is a given with ochres and beiges. They are in vogue and look timeless in one go. Plus they fall in the neutral colour category which work well for both contrasting and even-tone furniture.

Serene in light grey

An incredibly one of a kind colour that pairs with anything and everything. In spaces big and small. You can use a light grey to your advantage in almost any way you like. From bold colour sofas, to colour wall painting and organza a muted grey wall can withhold it all. And still bring a smile to your face!

Tell us which of the above is a sure shot for your living room!

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