Fit Your Custom Home to Your Style With These Important Tips
October 12, 2018
How to Build Your Dream Home Without Breaking The Bank
October 12, 2018

Striking the Perfect Balance Between Your Home and Suburb

As Adelaide custom home designers, we know that the decision to design your own home is a personal one, as is the choice of area to live in. With a fixed budget to work with, an increase in land cost may mean compromising on your dream home design, and vice-versa.

You should think about the following factors when building your dream home, in order to make the most of your suburb.

Choice of Suburb

The choice of suburb to live in is perhaps the most important factor to consider. When deciding where to build your new home, you will want to consider many factors, such as access to schools, amenities, public transport, parks, and commute time.

Finding an appropriate block of land on which to build may prove more troublesome in established suburbs, if you have any questions or would like some help please feel free to contact our team of Adelaide custom home designers.

Look at Display Homes

While custom home builders generally don’t have display homes available, there’s nothing stopping you from checking out the competition. Take a notepad with you and write down any alterations you would make to each home - there are bound to be many, and with your decision to have your new home custom-built, you can have it your way!
Be realistic about your budget, and be patient once you have selected the area for your new home; sometimes the right block of land takes time to secure.

Resale Value

You should think about how important the resale value of your home is to you. Will your new home be the last home you ever buy? If so, then your choice of area and fitting your home to match your lifestyle will be the biggest priority.

If there’s a strong chance you could move in ten years’ time, you should aim to match your home to the suburb. Installing high-end fittings into a home in a less desirable neighborhood doesn’t make sense from a value perspective, as the location of the home will dominate the price obtained at sale.

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Cost of Upgrading Fixtures at a Later Date

It is much cheaper overall to install higher quality fixtures in a new construction than it is to select cheaper fixtures initially and upgrade at a later date.

Also consider the nuisance factor of renovating a kitchen or bathroom while living in the premises. If you have a strong desire to live in a particular suburb now, and can manage the renovation costs and disruptions at a later date, then it may still be the best option for you.
As Adelaide luxury home builders, we know the importance of a great interior.
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Investment Property

If you are building a property for investment, this is the best scenario for saving money on the fixtures and fittings you install. Location and floorplan are both much bigger factors in determining rental prices than fitting and fixture quality, so you may decide that a lower priced fit out offers a better return on your investment.
The key principle here is balance. Your home and suburb should complement one another, like a glass of fine wine with your meal.

If you keep these thoughts in mind, you will enjoy a great, harmonious lifestyle in your new home. For more dinner-table discussion topics for your new home project, subscribe to our newsletter now.

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