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May 16, 2019
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June 10, 2019

Looking for the latest ideas for your kitchen cabinets in 2019? Here are some ways you can revamp your cabinets, or start from scratch to accomplish kitchen decor with tips from designer across the globe.

Innovative kitchen ideas for 2019

Old-school Chalkboard

This is a fun way to ensure you remember your grocery shopping or plan a new/old recipe. Create room for chalkboard cabinets in your kitchen and voila! Kitchen work won’t be boring anymore. Plus this way kids in the house can be managed from one room too!

How this works is you create an all black colour code for the entire lot of cabinets and create a specific spot that is accented with chalkboard finish.

Oh so Matte

Matte layouts are the new jazz in home architecture. You can ace it in your kitchen drawers’ ply to create a modern appeal. The flexibility of using matte materials is expansive in colour and style, plus they give that muted look to the decor. So you can go all out with matte cabinets without a doubt.

Gorgeous grays

Adding that neutral space in one part of your home is a must. And what better colour defines that other than gray? If you are anti-bold colour scheme and don’t want to go for the whites either gray is the colour for you! This colour works with all types of furniture, prints and textures dark or light. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?

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Warm B&Bs

If painted kitchen cabinets are your thing then a show of colours is a great idea here. Choose from the B&B (black and blue) palette to spruce up your kitchen and give it that flair you have always dreamt of. Shades like cobalt blue, matte black, bluish grays are great options that work anywhere. One tip to care for while selecting the colour is to also check for its placement in order to not overdo this style.

Classy pastels

Colours that will never go out of style are the divine pastels. Their subtle charm blends well with all types of textures. Gives your space a soothing appeal. Makes furniture pairing super easy. Tip for choosing the right pastels – try to do them in the upper corners and nooks that are harder to reach so as to not stain the cabinet with food and oils. Go for shades of green, lavenders, creams to sort your kitchen decor effortlessly.

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