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The Power of a Cream Pantone in Home Decor

There is no way you have never once thought of this colour while doing up your home. Yes, thinking about its neutral nature you might have even given up on the idea of going ahead with it. But trust us, you are in for a treat with our colour of choice for seasons all throughout the year!

It is none other than the legendary Pantone – CREAM. Its timeless nature will uplift any rooms mood instantaneously. Wonder how? Let us take you through the many facets of this colour and how can it be a purposeful add on for your new home.

The aura of Cream

Cream as a colour evokes soothing vibes, giving any space a calm and inviting presence. And it is visually more attractive than white. Paint the walls in a matte cream shade and you’ve set the mood right for just about any scene. When building custom home, use it in the living room, study or bedroom with the right amount of colour depth mixing you can achieve a great looking and feeling aura for your home.

Pantone it your way

Once you have set your base shade for the house in place picking the rest of interiors becomes easy. Especially when working with creams. As the colour pairs really well with various textures, prints and styles. Offers the right balance to the interiors. Gives the home an international appeal effortlessly.

If you are looking for a light airy feel for the home opt for creams with a peachy, pink set up in the background. This Pantone looks good in both glossy-satin or matte finishes, helps in creating the correct reflection pattern for natural light to float around.

Subtle godly attractions

The beauty of Cream lies in its subtlety. This colour has been in use since the ages, by the royals, the aristocrats and basically anybody coming from a wealthy background. Its simplicity has attracted many dainty homes, and tea estates, for it covers large spaces without taking away from their architecture.

You see you can use it to your liking for painting walls, ceilings in different hues – layered or one way. It will manage to enhance the look and feel of your home nonetheless. In fact, Cream’s fabulous classicism has seeped in modern design trends so marvelously, that ask any expert and they’d share nothing but praises for the evergreen colour.

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