Serenity Homes Kicks off With Travis Boak
May 15, 2019
Why Travis Boak’s Windows Will Give Him More than a View
May 15, 2019

Travis Boak Discovers The Essential Advantages of Steel

Travis Boak’s luxury home has begun to take form, with the team at Serenity Homes recently erecting the steel frame.

The steel frame is the skeleton of a home. It is the basis of which the home is formed. It is a very exciting time for both Travis and us to see it take shape. Now that the steel has been erected, Travis can see his vision coming to life right before his eyes, his dream home is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Travis Boak’s decision to build with steel is an incredibly advantageous one. Steel has many benefits, and as Adelaide luxury home builders, it is a material that we use a great deal.

So, why is Travis building with steel?

Steel Stands the Test of Time

Steel is a strong and durable building material. It gives structural integrity to a home no matter what the external conditions, which is an ideal feature to have in Australia. Furthermore, the steel we use in all of our Adelaide custom home builds is a 90mm steel frame and it comes with a 50-year warranty, so Travis can be assured of its strength and longevity.

On top of being strong, steel is incredibly accurate.
It is precision engineered and manufactured, the lines are sharp and defined.

Steel Allows for Flexibility in Design

Another reason that swayed Travis Boak's decision to build his luxury home with steel is the flexibility of design. Steel gives home builders the opportunity to be innovative, as its strength allows for non-conventional, distinctive roof lines..

Steel has a great strength-to-weight ratio, which means that the framing allows for longer spans.
This presents the opportunity to create wonderful, large open living plans - perfect for a luxury home. Discover more about the design process for a luxury home here.

Steel is an Environmentally Friendly Material

Steel framing is a light touch on the earth - literally. As well as being one of the most recycled materials on the planet, due to its relatively light weight nature, a steel framed home can be built with a reduced impact on the site.

Additionally, the fact that steel is precision manufactured off-site to exact specifications means that there is less cutting and wastage.
When building a home with steel, there is no need for additional chemical treatments. It is completely termite-proof and thus termite treatments are not required, although at Serenity Homes we still termite proof all of the penetrations, for superior protection. On top of all this, steel is non-combustible, which is a significant advantage in our volatile South Australian climate.
By building with steel, Travis Boak has made a wise investment in the future sustainability of his dream home.
Would you like to learn more about the benefits of building with steel? If so, click here.
Stay tuned for more updates and work-in-progress shots on the creation of Travis Boak’s luxury home from our Adelaide custom building experts. If you have any questions about custom home building, please feel free to contact our team , or download our free eBook "The 20 Most Asked Questions About Custom Home Building Answered by Experts".
To view the progress so far, follow the links below.

Stage 1: Travis Boak Signs On

Stage 2: Travis Boak's Slab is Poured

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