Travis Boak Discovers The Essential Advantages of Steel
May 15, 2019
Another Stage Complete For Travis Boak
May 15, 2019

Why Travis Boak’s Windows Will Give Him More
than a View

At Serenity Homes, our team of Adelaide building experts have completed another step in Travis Boak’s luxury home. Travis’ special uPVC double glazed windows have been installed, forming one more essential piece of his custom built home.

As Adelaide eco home builders, double glazed windows are a product that we use frequently. Standing for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, uPVC windows are exceedingly strong and specially designed for double glazing . Sourced from Australian Window Solutions , these windows are ultraenergyefficient, and have a number of qualities that make them fantastic additions to a luxury home.

Here’re a few reasons why Travis Boak will benefit from installing uPVC double glazed windows in his custom built luxury home.

Double Glazed Windows Give You Better Temperature Control

Because these dual glass panes are separated by a spacer of argon gas (inert gas), these windows possess superb insulating qualities. These windows keep you warmer in winter, as they reduce the level of heat escaping, and cooler in summer in the same regard.
The layers between the glass act as a barrier, allowing you to reduce your energy bill as your home is better equipped to retain the heat/cool.

Giving You a Peaceful, Quiet Home

Another added benefit of the insulating properties of double glazed windows are their ability to significantly reduce outside noises from drifting in. If you live in the city or the suburbs, there will always be troublesome external noises that irritate you.
Cars honking, rowdy groups of people, dogs barking - the list goes on and on.
This will be far less of a problem for Travis Boak, as his UPVC windows will help to reduce the infiltration of these noises, giving him a peaceful, quiet home to relax in.

Weather Proof Windows

UPVC double glazed windows are designed to comply with all current Building Regulation requirements, and as such have advanced weather performance capabilities.
These particular windows are protected from rotting and rust, which means fewer maintenance issues, and they are also protected against condensation build-up.
The air that separates the glass panes is kept at room temperature, which results in a reduction of dampness and condensation.
Both Serenity Homes and Travis Boak are very excited to see the completion of this stage, and look forward to the next in the process - each bringing Travis one step closer to getting his dream home.

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